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1-17-2004 A prodection company did not like that I made a DVD of patricia heaton and stoped my site I can not go on my owner browser.

Hi, this is MIKE.B I'm back!

I just got this site back!

But My other site I can not go to owner browser!



What did you think about the movie Good buy girl on TNT? It was A little like her book when she met dave!And how meny times did she take on and off that night shirt thing at the beinging.And Patricia in the bathtub!WOW! I will have that show on this site soon!


I'm going to be updating this site with some new photos I took of patricia Heaton and some sent to me.

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When the show stops What should patricia do?

Star in her own show
Write more books
Write Cook book- Debra Barone's Recipies " and watch your family lose weight"
Do a celeb layout in Playboy
Kick Ray's ass for stopping in show
Just have fun with family and friends

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Having some fun with smiles in Photoshop

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